Monday, 29 July 2019


Are you looking for how to participate, then we can say that you are on the right platform to know how to make mybkexperience survey easily. It is one of the delicious food in China.It is one of the customers that was conducted by restaurant. In that survey, the customers have to enter feedback and overall experience of their latest visit to any one of the restaurants. By conducting these types of restaurant or any company will find its drawbacks based on the positive feedback the company owners will make the necessary changes, in their restaurant. So, you need to give their feedback an honest without any hesitation at burger king survey. 
The customers dont give negative feedback with hesitation at The owners will receive the customers in a positive way. In the final part of the customers have the chance to get rewards, food vouchers, sweepstakes, coupons, and discounts as a reward for giving their feedback. These earned coupons, vouchers, discounts are applicable only in any of the whole foods. This cant be used by the people who are working in this restaurant and their family members.

How to take opinion from customers?

To participate easily the customers have to visit any restaurant and they have to purchase any item they want. After purchasing the items the customers will get any voucher, coupon, discount which they have to use on their next visit to the restaurant.
  • Mybkexperience, if you are interested to give your valuable feedback.
  • After that select default English language displays. If the customers want to change the language then they have the option to choose their favourite language.
  • In the specified field, you have to enter the restaurant number which you will find on the top of your coupon or voucher.
  •  After that enter the 20 digit code on your receipt.
  • Click on the start button to start.
  • After taking you will be asked different types of questions regarding their restaurant's services such as about its whole foods, service, maintenance, price, etc.
  • If you want the restaurant to improve its services the customer has to give their honest feedback because based on the restaurant owners will improve their restaurants' service.
After giving the negative feedback at the final part of the customers have the chance to win different types of coupons, vouchers as a reward for giving feedback. Sometimes the restaurant offers delicious foods, free chicken sandwich,  free whoopers to the customers as a reward. To redeem the sandwich coupon the customers have to buy the drink S/M,/L and also a side dish for their regular price. To participate in the customer's minimum age is of eighteen years old. The customer opt to be the legal resident of the U.S.A, and the customers must participate into survey within 48 hours of their visit to the restaurant. For one user need to submit one is applicable.

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